Monday, April 18, 2011

Through the Hourgalass: Poems of Love and Life by John A. Calhoun

Through the Hourglass is a stunning collection of moving poetry spanning four decades and several seasons of life as experienced and expressed by the author – a pioneer and national leader in the field of youth violence prevention.

“The very reason I have devoted my life to helping the young men and women caught in the grip of violence and juvenile crime lies in these personal poems about life’s most powerful connections,” said Calhoun. “Quite simply, I know what’s at stake. I know what they stand to lose. When they turn to violence they rob themselves and their victims of the profound and precious moments of a lifetime filled with meaningful relationships and authentic experiences.”

With chapters devoted to “Courting,” “Kids,” “Teens,” and “The Miracle of Grandchildren,” Calhoun is able to articulate the extraordinary experiences found in the ordinary moments of life: falling in love, tending to a sick child, a grandchild’s fascination with sidewalk cracks, and the gangling growing pains of raising a teen. In “Portraits” and “Coming and Going,” Calhoun introduces compelling characters, some of whom embrace life and others who struggle to hold onto it.

Readers are moved to emotion as they discover the commonality of the human experience even in these most personal poems. Gift givers will easily find a favorite verse to highlight in this beautiful and slim book that captures the essence of a cherished relationship.

“Although contained by the hourglass, I believe that life is shaped by and always pulls us toward love and connection,” said Calhoun. “Because of love and connection we transcend the confines of the hourglass: That message is the heart of my book.”

John A. “Jack” Calhoun is an internationally renowned speaker and frequent media guest and editorial contributor. He is currently a senior consultant to the National League of Cities and the U.S. Department of Justice. For more than 20 years, Calhoun was the founding president of the National Crime Prevention Council, prior to which he served under President Carter as the Commissioner of the Administration for Children, Youth and Families. His first book, Hope Matters: The Untold Story of How Faith Works in America was published in 2007. Calhoun resides in Falls Church,Virginia with his wife Ottilia.

MEET THE AUTHOR: Get to know John A. Calhoun and his memorable collection of poetry Through the Hourglass at the I Love Authors Blog Talk Radio Show Thursday, April 28th at 9:00pm(est). Join us for some fun and sharing with John  as we celebrate National Poetry Month and delve into the poems shared in his new book!!

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BUY THE BOOK: Through the Hourglass: Poems of Life and Love, Hardcover, $16.95, 94 pages.



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