Blog Post Promotion on I Love Authors Blog
- includes book summary, book cover jpeg, author bio, author headshot jpeg, link to author's website, links to all of author's social media accounts
- book giveaway contest on I Love Authors Blog
- post show audio player added to blogpost

Twitter Promotion on I Love Authors Twitter Account + others
- inclusion of your twitter handle
- 50 pre-show tweets (across 20+ different twitter accounts)
- during show tweets and interaction
- 25 post-show tweets (across 12+ different twitter accounts)

FaceBook Promotion on I Love Authors FaceBook Page
- pre-show promotion
- during show interaction
- post-show follow-up

Interview on I Love Authors Blog Talk Radio Show
- discuss book
- discuss book writing process
- promote all of author's online entities - website, blog, twitter, facebook, etc.
- promote book giveaway on I Love Authors Blog

Requirements to be booked on Radio Show
- book summary
- book cover jpeg
- author bio
- author headshot jpeg
- 10-15 questions that interviewer may or may not use
- two preview copy of book received 2 weeks before the interview
- autographed giveaway copy mailed to winner post show


If you are interested in in being booked on the I Love Authors Radio Show:
Send an e-mail with a link to details about your book, a book summary, a jpeg of the book cover, an author summary, a jpeg of the author headshot, the author's bio, + 2 books mailed for review.

*Please Note: I must have a copy of the book in order to do the show. I will not do an interview and a show unless I have the book in advance and have actually read it.

Please Contact: Melissa Lierman at ILoveAuthors


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