Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bare Naked Bliss: ...Loving From Within by Suzanne Toro

Bare Naked Bliss tells the story of one woman's real-life experiences that many people can relate to, and provides accessible, practical methods for overcoming both mental and physical hardships and finding true joy. Bare Naked Bliss is a book that appeals to women and men who have experienced hardships and/or are seeking a more balanced, authentic lifestyle, as well as the broader audience of both men and women of all ages interested in spiritual growth and alternative paths to wellness. 

Bare Naked Bliss provides simple tools anyone can use to break down mental barriers, find deeper connections and discover their inner joyful, authentic self.  The teachings of the book are extended through inspiring poetry, guided meditations and music created by Toro with, singer/songwriter Anne Heaton, and other professional musicians.

In Bare Naked Bliss, author Suzanne Toro tells her personal story of recovery and transformation; how she was able to overcome unbearable pain and find bliss within herself. Both an inspiring meditation and practical guidebook, the book gives readers real-life strategies for healing and experiencing more joy in their lives. Through telling her own stories of recovery, Toro explores the subjects of letting go, tapping into the power of silence, balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us, having compassion and the regenerative power of laughter.

Suzanne Toro has suffered many hardships; sexual abuse, losing a child and dealing with a loved one's serious illness-but she has used each one as an opportunity to learn more about her and earn a real life PhD in personal growth. With a young family, Toro needed to find a practical, realistic way to begin her own healing and liberation process. By employing simple tools in her everyday life, she was able to reconnect with her inner-self and release the pain that led her back to her true self. Now; she is committed to embodying authenticity and walking the talk by reaching out to local, national and global communities to share her vision.

MEET THE AUTHOR: Get to know Suzanne Toro and her insightful book Bare Naked Bliss at the I Love Authors Blog Talk Radio Show Tuesday March 1st at 9:00pm(est). Join us for some fun and sharing with Suzanne as we uncover the healing power in all of us!!

Website: Suzanne Toro
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Twitter: @SuzanneToro

BUY THE BOOK: Bare Naked Bliss: ...Loving From Within, Paperback, $16.99, 210 pages.


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